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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is an important chore that should be done regularly to ensure that food preparation areas are free from germs and bacteria.

Bathroom Cleaning

Regular bathroom cleaning is crucial for maintaining cleanliness, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria, and promoting good hygiene practices.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for letting in natural light and improving the overall indoor air quality.

about us

Professional Cleaning Services in Reading Berkshire

We are a hard-working family-owned business providing Professional Cleaning Services in Reading Berkshire. We offer our cleaning service to both commercial and domestic customers. As professionals with years of experience in the field, we have decided to open our own business to provide domestic cleaning services, tenancy cleaning, and company cleaning, taking pride in our work and our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Special Features

  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • High efficiency and effectiveness
  • Attention to detail
  • Personalized cleaning plans
  • Sustainable cleaning practices
  • Highly trained and experienced staff


The cleaning company with attention to quality and detail

We are using professional equipment and cleaning solutions to deliver quality long-lasting results. Our company uses eco friendly products satisfying the growing need for environment consciousness, making your household eco friendly and kid friendly. We can also use regular professional non-toxic cleaning chemicals too.

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We are offering the following services

Professional eco cleaning services use advanced equipment and techniques to deliver high-quality cleaning results in a shorter amount of time.

Weekly cleaning

A regular cleaning service performed on a weekly basis to maintain a clean and tidy home or office environment.

Bi-weekly cleaning

A cleaning service performed every two weeks to keep a space consistently clean and organized.

Fortnightly monthly cleaning

A cleaning service performed once every two weeks or once a month to maintain a clean and fresh space.


A thorough and comprehensive cleaning service that focuses on hard-to-reach areas and hard-to-remove stains and dirt.


A specialized cleaning service designed to remove debris and dust left behind after construction or renovation work.

Air BNB cleaning (between guests)

A quick and efficient cleaning service designed to prepare an Air BNB property for the arrival of a new guest.

Cleaning with non-toxic products

A cleaning service that uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

End of tenancy/one-time cleaning

A thorough cleaning service designed to prepare a property for the end of a tenancy or to provide a one-time deep clean for a special occasion or event.


Professional carpet cleaning can deal even with the most challenging spills, embedded dirt, and allergens such as mold, fungi, mites, and bacteria.

Professional Cleaning Services cleaning career
Cleaning is very important for us!


Our clients are very diverse.

Every property needs regular cleaning to keep it nice and safe either for the employees, family, or tenants.

Businesses want to focus on their main activity, trusting us with everything related to commercial cleaning services.

If you are a landlord looking for cleaners to maintain your properties, cleaning at the end of tenancy, our team can clean them at a great value for the price.

Your house can benefit from a tidy environment with better quality of life thanks to our antiviral sanitation.

Our reliable team will use the right equipment.

Professional eco cleaning services

Our Customers Have The Guarantee They Paid For A Truly Professional Cleaner Job.

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Happy with
Customers & Clients

With our combined expertise in this field, we aim to offer eProfessional eco cleaning servicesfficient and reliable cleaning services for clients both in the office and in regular domestic cleaning. We strive to do our job in an environmentally friendly way. Reach us by phone or email to get a special deal!


Our green cleaning products ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Call us to set up a visit to the Reading and surrounding area (Henley-on-Thames) to take care of the dust in your home, carpet cleaning, antiviral sanitation, surface cleaning, tenancy cleaning, and others.

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